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These Are Academic Journals You Need to Sign Up

The academic journal is a piece of post or article that is published after intense scrutiny and thorough research by eminent scholars. It is only after that they approve the journal, that it is published on a reputed magazine or paper. Though you can access few journals, you cannot read them entirely, unless you are members of the educational institution or publications.

However, with the help of technology, these scholarly articles are available online. The best part about these academic journals is that they are for free. Why do you want to miss out on such a great opportunity to read and learn? These are an ideal chance for those specializing in research and Ph.D. to read the below list of journals carefully.

You never know what you might find below.

  • The Agronomy Research is a science journal that is published twice a year by the Estonian University of Life Sciences.
  • The DNA Research is an Oxford University Press which provides journals on genes and genomes which are peer-reviewed content.
  • The High Wire Press is part of Stanford and contains a huge archive of free full-text science articles.
  • The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering specializes in the subjects of physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. It is published six times a year.
  • The African Journal of Agricultural Research offers you with several research articles which are related to agricultural economics, science, and engineering.
  • The Academic Open Internet Journal is also known as the AOIJ provides discussions on topics which are related to fingerprint detection and quantum frameworks.
  • The Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal helps you with scientific research and analysis of the Columbia’s manuscripts.
  • The Astronomy Education Review should be the ideal place for students or those interested to know more about astronomy.
  • The Electronic Journal of Science Education offers you with a reviewed journal and is part of the Southwestern University.
  • The California Agriculture is part of the by the University of California and it gives you an in depth view of journals in natural, agricultural, and human resources.
  • The Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology belongs to the Maejo University and is part of the science and technology where you can find peer reviewed journals on communication.
  • The Online Journal of Biological Sciences is a quarterly publication which is able to provide you with details about bioinformatics and cell biology.
  • The McGill Science Undergraduate Journal is useful for under graduate students who can make use of the journal from the McGill University.

Hope you found this post on some of the best journals helpful in your cause.

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